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Repti Heat Cave (Out of Stock)

Item Number RH8
Manufacturer ZOO MED
Manufacturer Part No RH8
YOUR Price $18.60

Product Description

Repti Heat Cave

  1. Designed to provide a secure, heated hiding place for all small lizards and snakes.
  2. Allows the reptile to view outside without the feeling that it is "on display", this reduces stress which is associated with captivity.
  3. Perfect for acclimating reptiles coming into a new environment, easing the transition while adding security and warmth.
  4. Unique "two part" feature! The top of the cave is heated, with elements projecting heat downward into the cave, as well as upwards! Your reptile can stay warm and secure inside the cage, while having the added benefit of basking on top!
  5. As your reptile grows up, the top can be removed and used as a rock heater!
    Plus all of the added benefits of our
    Repticare Rock Heater!

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