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Find the Proper Reptile Lighting For Your Reptile Here at ReptileDirect!

Taking care of your pet snakes, lizards, and turtles means making sure they have everything they need—including adequate lighting and UV radiation. Since most of these animals are used to laying out in the sun most of the day, proper reptile lighting and heating lamps are crucial to keep your pets as healthy and vibrant as possible. Without the Vitamin D they absorb from the sun--or some type of substitute--their health can quickly begin to deteriorate.

Here at Reptile Direct, we want to make sure you never have any problems with your reptile lighting, so your pet can continue to grow healthy and remain strong. That is why we offer a variety of different lamps, heat and UV bulbs, stands, and more to fit the needs of your terrarium and your pet reptile. Since reptile lighting usually requires high-powered lamps, we offer many different reflector domes to help focus that energy and keep your equipment safe. You can also find many different types of clamp lamps and lamp stands to situate your reptile lighting according to your specific setup.  Our safe and secure website allows you to make your purchases quickly and easily right from your home, without wasting a trip to the nearest pet store. Place your order today!

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