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Turtle Lamp Combo Pack

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Turtle Lamp Combo Pack Turtle Lights
YOUR Price: $19.49
Item Number: FSCA
Manufacturer: ZOO MED
Manufacturer Part No: FSCA

Turtle Lamp Combo Pack. Turtle Tuff Halogen Lamp 50 Watt: a heavy duty splash-proof halogen lamp. For use with all types of aquatic Turtles and other aquatic terrarium pets. Long Lasting,

ReptiSun 5.0 Mini Compact Fluorescent: Perfect for all tropical species of reptiles and amphibians! 5% UVB Output, 30% UVA Output, FULL SPECTRUM.

The new ReptiSun® Mini Compact Fluorescent lamps use a special UVB transmitting quartz glass for maximum UVB penetration. Cool burning mini compact fluorescent bulbs screw into standard threaded sockets, eliminating the need for a separate ballast. Lamp can be oriented either vertically or horizontally in your reptile hood or clamp lamp fixture. UVB emissions help prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease andUVA increases feeding, mating, and other natural behaviors. Perfect for Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixtures and Naturalistic Terrarium Hoods.

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