Do Geckos Bite

Do Geckos Bite?

Geckos are incredibly popular pets that can prove to be incredibly friendly and incredibly loving with the right time and care. These relatively calm and peaceful creatures are very low-maintenance, which can make them great pets for busy people. 

Do Geckos Bite

However, because geckos can be so loving, it can come as quite a surprise when the ordinarily docile creature bites, or otherwise acts unusually.

You’re probably here because you are worried that your pet gecko may bite, or even because you are an interested observer, wondering whether it is safe to handle this popular but often unusual pet. 

If so, this is the perfect website for you! Today, we are going to find out, once and for all, whether geckos bite, and what it is that might cause them to do it! Dive in down below! 

Do Geckos Bite?

Generally, it is actually very uncommon for geckos to bite, and this is because they are ordinarily very docile and, due to their size, they would not be able to do much damage anyway.

If a gecko were to bite you, it would be for a very specific reason, and would not be completely unmotivated.

If you’ve been bitten by a gecko recently, you might be wondering what triggered it. Let’s take a look at some common causes of biting in geckos! 

When Threatened

One of the most common reasons why a gecko might bite someone is because they feel threatened, and they are acting in self-defense. 

As we’ve mentioned already, geckos are incredibly docile creatures, and this means that they can very easily and quickly be overstimulated, leading them to feel threatened. 

As such, whenever you are planning to handle a gecko, you should be sure to approach it slowly, and with care. Make sure not to make any sudden gestures or movements, as that can very quickly freak a gecko out and put them on the defensive.

Ordinarily, if a gecko feels threatened, it will stick its tail in the air and begin moving very skittishly. As such, if a gecko resorts to biting, then you can be sure that you have in some way stressed it out. 

If a gecko has bitten you, give it some space for a few hours to calm down and destress before attempting to pick it up or touch it again.

When Hungry

You may find that a gecko might start biting if it is feeling hungry! If a gecko bites you when it is hungry then it is usually an honest mistake, as it may believe that your finger is food that is being offered to it! 

If you care for a gecko of your own, make sure to keep its food bowl topped up as much as possible so that there is less of a risk of it biting you mistakenly.

If you are approaching a gecko and it appears to be moving very skittishly upon seeing you, then it may be the case that it is hungry, and is excited at the prospect of being given food, after seeing you approach!

When Territorial 

Despite being very docile creatures, geckos are actually very territorial, and male geckos in particular can become very competitive when it comes to other male geckos, as they compete to earn a mate. 

When geckos compete for territory and mating rights, they will often do so by biting. Therefore, if a gecko has bitten you, it may actually be because it considers you to be a competitor for territory or a mate! 

If you are caring for geckos of your own, it really is best to keep males separated, as they will naturally fight with one another in order to establish their own territories.

As well as this, you should also make a point of washing your hands carefully between handling each male gecko. If a male gecko smells the scent of another male gecko on your hands, then it may confuse it for the competitor gecko and begin biting! 

Are Gecko Bites Dangerous?

Do Geckos Bite

In most cases, no a gecko bite will not prove to be dangerous! The reason for this is that geckos are very small, and their teeth are also similarly small.

They also are not able to put too much force or pressure into their jaws in order to perforate human skin. Thus, you will very rarely find that a gecko will be able to draw blood.

Regardless, a gecko bite can still cause some discomfort and leave a small mark for some time.

If you do get bitten by a gecko, however, you should do your best to clean the area of the bite as soon as you can, as gecko bites can be very vulnerable to bacterial infections if left unattended.

Do Geckos Like To Be Handled?

Since we’ve taken a look at some of the reasons why a gecko might bite a person, you may be finding yourself wondering if geckos actually enjoy being handled at all.

We can say with confidence that, yes, geckos do love to be handled, and they are one of very few reptiles that enjoy the contact of beloved humans.

However, you will want to be sure to develop a bond with a gecko before you attempt to pick it up. Geckos need to feel a sense of trust with a person before they will allow themselves to be handled and picked up!

To Wrap Up

As you can now see, geckos do not ordinarily bite, as they are very docile creatures, but they might bite lightly if they feel threatened, they are hungry, or they are acting territorial. 

Geckos are very loving reptiles that stand out from other reptiles as a result of their loving nature.

Geckos enjoy being handled, but you must first develop a bond with a gecko before it can trust you enough to let you handle it. If you own a gecko, make sure to give it plenty of space to get used to you!


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