About Us

Reptile Direct is a place where reptile owners can go to get helpful advice and care recommendations for their pets. This community is passionate and eager to learn, and it’s our goal to help!

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, everyone needs help from time to time. Whether you’re interested in a new species, or simply want to do a better job caring for your current herp, we’ll be creating informational resource to help you.

Owning a pet reptile can be a little tricky. While the community is strong (and growing fast), it’s still not very big. This makes information from experienced owners tougher to find, which leads to uncertainty.

We believe the process should be fun from start to finish. Of course there will always be challenges along the way, but the bond and fulfillment you get from owning one of these creatures is worth it!

We’re excited to help and contribute to this amazing community that we’ve grown to love over the years. As time goes on we’ll continue to make this site better and better!

About Hunter

Hunter Briggs is an experienced reptile breeder who has been keeping and raising various species over the past seven years. What initially started as curiosity quickly turned into a deep passion for herpetology, and a connection with the reptile community as a whole.

Over the years he’s gone from owning his very first ball python (a great pet for any beginner) to building up a fully dedicated breeding operation. This journey has been incredibly rewarding, and has taught him countless lessons about reptile ownership.

Hunter is a member of USARK and various local organizations and clubs. He also enjoys traveling around the country to attend reptile shows and expos, where the collective knowledge of the community is on full display.

Hunter enjoys discussing herpetoculture and sharing some of the knowledge he’s gained over the years. He hopes to use Reptile Direct as a place to do this, and also connect with other reptile owners and breeders.